Our Mission

Let’s strengthen our community.

Ready to Bring Roc Back? By protecting yourself from COVID-19, you’re helping stop the spread in Rochester. Visit the Finger Lakes COVID-19 Vaccine Hub online to learn about current vaccines and see when you’re eligible.

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Our Commitment to You

How can I help Bring ROC Back?

Receiving a vaccine will help strengthen Rochester's resistance against COVID-19. We encourage everyone to learn whether or not they're eligible for current vaccine options.

In addition to distributing current vaccines, Rochester researchers are also conducting vaccine studies to prevent COVID-19 and are seeking volunteers for these studies. Learn more about our vaccine studies.

Our study researchers are committed to the following:

Honest conversation
If you have any thoughts or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to (585) 276-5212 at any time.
Your health
Studies will pause in the case of any safety concerns for participants, and we will never sacrifice safety for saved time.
You can be compensated as much as $900 for time and travel.
We will provide translations including Spanish and ASL, as needed.

But most of all, we’re committed to doing anything we can to help Rochester come back from COVID-19 better than ever. Make sure to visit the Finger Lakes COVID-19 Vaccine Hub to see if you’re eligible for current vaccine options.

Your City

Tell us what you miss the most.

Help spread awareness about the Rochester vaccine studies by sharing your photos from before quarantine. Share submissions on social media using #BringRocBack!